Tuesday, 8 November 2022


I am pleased to report that Cheshire East Highways are currently carrying out a route safety review on the A34, from the junction with Wilmslow Road (Pendleton Way) to Handforth Dean (Ainslie Way). As part of the review, officers will be taking into account a range of information, including:

(i) Recorded Personal Injury Collision Data (provided by Cheshire Constabulary)

(ii) Speed Data and Traffic Flow data from Tracsis surveys (carried out in 2022by CE Highways)

(iii) Carriageway condition data provided by Cheshire East Assets Team

The aim of the review is to highlight any particular sections of road safety concern along the route and to suggest potential mitigation measures that could be implemented to resolve those issues. A report will then be used to justify mitigation measures, subject to obtaining the required funding. 

A number of other routes and locations are currently being reviewed within Cheshire East.

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