Tuesday, 11 December 2018


As some of you may have already noticed, double yellow lines have now been introduced at the entrance to Redesmere Drive (on the left hand side), covering the area opposite the junction with Windermere Drive. As parking opposite a junction is already a contravention of Highway Code (Rule 243), the double yellow lines are really just a reinforcement of an existing restriction.

The restrictions have been introduced to try and prevent double parking at this location, which had become an issue for refuse vehicles and delivery trucks trying to access the Lakes estate (as shown in one of the attached photos). Pavement parking had also become an issue at the entrance to Redesmere Drive, which was a particular concern with this being a walking route to the Primary School.

In 2016, a residents' petition had asked for parking restrictions to be introduced across the whole of the Lakes estate; unfortunately, CE Highways are unable to consider this until the Car Park at Ryleys Lane has been extended to accommodate any displaced vehicles. I am continuing to work on this, but progress is reliant on funding from the new Community Infrastructure Levy and the land being identified through the Neighbourhood Plan.



I am pleased to attach the CCTV Report for the second quarter of 2018 (this covers the period from July to September). A total of 33 incidents were picked up during the period, of which 10 resulted in follow-up action being taken by the police and one of which has so far resulted in a suspect being taken into custody. A number of the police investigations are ongoing. During the period, the most common incidents under investigation were anti-social behaviour, thefts and traffic collisions.


At the Parish Council meeting last night, PCSO Anna Jenkinson gave a report highlighting that Alderley Edge (along with Wilmslow & Prestbury) is being targeted, with an increase in burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles in the run up to Christmas. Please be extra vigilant over the next few weeks and take care not to leave items on display.

Speed enforcement is continuing to take place on Melrose Way, following the recent fatal accident. An onsite meeting has taken place involving officers from Cheshire Police & Cheshire East Highways and options are being explored with a view to making the bypass safer, including the introduction of double white lines (no overtaking) and new signage.


Thursday, 6 December 2018


Earlier today I joined local residents and volunteers on Ryleys Lane to carry out our monthly Community Speedwatch session. On this occasion, we were also joined by our PCSO, Anna Jenkinson. Stationed near to the junction of Chorley Hall Lane, we were able to record vehicles travelling in three directions and the results were as follows:

- total number of vehicles speeding (above threshold) 23
- 16 of which were travelling at under 40mph
- 7 of which were travelling at 40mph or above
- the average speed was 39mph and the top speed 47mph

As this was our final session of 2018, I would like to thank everyone who has helped out this year and make an appeal to any other local residents who may be concerned about speeding traffic to please join our group. It takes four volunteers to run a session: one to hold the gun and record the speed, one to record the registration number, one to record the vehicle make & model and one to write everything down and pass the forms over to the police. The more volunteers we have, the more sessions we will be able to run and the safer our roads will be. On behalf of the team, may I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Friday, 30 November 2018


As reported in our last quarterly Parish Newsletter, the Parish Council have invested in an additional Speed Indicator Device (SID) at a cost of £1,889 as a traffic calming measure on Heyes Lane. This follows complaints from a number of residents and evidence collected from our Community Speedwatch sessions, highlighting this area as a particular problem. 

I am pleased to report that the new SID has now arrived and thanks to Cllr Mike Taylorson who helped me to fit it, the device is now in place and working perfectly. The location has also been chosen to help raise awareness as drivers approach the concealed junction with Davey Lane, where two vehicles were involved in an accident earlier this year.


Friday, 23 November 2018


I am pleased to report that new "Give-Way" markings have recently been installed at the junctions of Sutton Road, Eaton Drive & Wilton Crescent. This is following a request I made to Cheshire East Highways over twelve months ago, having witnessed a number of drivers using these junctions as turning-circles and driving as though the road was continuous (i.e. without stopping to look). I hope that the new markings will help to reinforce the right of way and also make this area safer for children who use this as a walking route to Alderley Edge Community Primary School. As always, I would like to thank officers from CE Highways for responding positively to my request.